Watch WWE Total Divas Season 1 Episode 1
Watch WWE Total Divas S01E01 – July 28, 2013 – 7/28/13

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  • user408992

    good job guys

  • loopyluxo

    happy you show total divas here sucks being from england and not being able to watch it on e first hand

    • Bradley Falla

      United Kingdom army!

  • Dagmii

    Thank you so much for putting it here

    • Bradley Falla

      *Smiley face*

  • Ziggler

    Really appreciate you guys showing Total Divas on here as not all people have acces to E! . Thank you .

    • Bradley Falla

      Wank material, not.

  • elyaz

    omg nikki is a real bitch and brie is a sweetheart

    • Guest

      nikki is john cena’s wife

      • tyyhh


  • inghamator

    omg this shit is good lol

    • Bradley Falla

      Yeah, didn’t really expect it to be this good, better than expected, I expected it to be a catastrophe!

  • Shkodra_Albania

    Dont work very well.Every video has locket every 2 minutes.I’ve had this problem before.

    • Bradley Falla

      Are you using Google Chrome?


    thnk u guys.

    so this is what wwe is really about…..

    one word fuck off, fucking money eaters.

    i just keep watching cuz of the legend superstars…….

    • Bradley Falla

      Yeah the production of WWE sure has changed since the attitude era.

  • _dec0y

    This is brilliant! Cant wait for the next episode!

    • Guest


    • Guest


    • Bradley Falla


  • NatbyNature

    Natalya was so hot in this black lingerie

    • Bradley Falla

      At least I was not the only one who thought that. Please tell me I wasn’t the only one who went back to pause on it?

  • veikkaveikka

    Cena ins’t so fucking annouying in real life.

    • Bradley Falla

      It’s because he isn’t putting on an act to impress the female and anyone under 10 audience.

      • veikkaveikka

        True dat bro!

  • PunkFanForLife

    Lol Cm Punk and the Undertakers match took up the Diva’s match

    • Bradley Falla

      If the mixed tag team match was active at WrestleMania nobody would watch it… Nothing, but a toilet break.

  • Big_Z05


    • Bradley Falla

      That red fire like hair… Love it.

      • cmpunkfan4life

        i love her she’s so hot and beautiful i wouldn’t hesitate for a second
        if she demands me to be her boyfriend i would say Yes Yes Yes

  • Kingjon1289


  • fuck off

    nikki is a bitch love eva marie

    • cmpunkfan4life

      nikki isn’t a bitch give me a a reason why you call it like that because she loves john cena and wanna marry him???

  • Bradley Falla

    8,800+ view?! You better keep uploading these shows Big Cheese!

  • dasawesome

    LOL… Beats TNA in views on this site. BURN!

    • Bradley Falla


  • tijje

    we are in 144 countries…….. yeah but still not in the fucking netherlands!!

    • Bradley Falla

      What WWE television and events? Unlucky my friend.

    • Robisis

      eindelijk iemand die me snapt -_-

  • cmpunkfan4life

    what a good show it’s so fun to watch

    • Bradley Falla

      Yeah! Did you see Natalya? Oh my God!

      • cmpunkfan4life

        Yeah she’s such a hater i know that’s her rights but i call it a kind of hate if you ask me

        • me

          she has every right to hate and she is underestimated and she should not be treated like that remember she is from the hart family

          • Bradley Falla


          • cmpunkfan4life

            you’re right the Wwe shouldn’t give the bellas a spot at wrestlemania do to the fact that they left for a year and returned and in 1 month they give them a spot at wrestlemania this is an injustice

        • Bradley Falla

          She is easily one of the best divas the WWE has to offer… If you are talking about when she was a bit upset that she found out that she wasn’t competing at WrestleMania 29, she should be… One of the best diva talents there is in the world right now.

          • cmpunkfan4life

            no is her right to be upset because she’s not a part of wrestlemania but i talk about her reaction to be the chaperon of eva marie and JO JO

  • AJ Lee

    You gotta love total divas

    • Bradley Falla

      I love puppies!

  • kljn

    poor poor naty

    • Bradley Falla

      The best diva WWE has to offer and they don’t use her correctly, it’s a darn shame.

  • RKOTheViper_WWE

    Wow this show is good

  • mr.goldenpeanutbutter

    I went to Metlife to see WM29. Some1 there that i knew told me they were s’pose to have that match. Now i now what happened

  • aggie

    glad u show total divas cnt find it on e!

  • Viivi Reini

    I really like this show.. interesting :)

  • big e

    every one is very hot and sexy except jo jo funkidaktals

  • lesnar

    episode 2 please

  • iGeneral

    plaese episode 2

  • ProfessorCheese

    Episode 2 hasn’t came yet. It will be added after the show. In about 2 hours.



  • Exteelpirats

    I have a problem with half of the screen going black. Anyone know how to fix?

  • Sam

    “Oh shit, what’s that behind a tree” Hahaha