Watch WWE Smackdown 5/3/13

Watch WWE Smackdown 5/3/13 – May 3rd 2013 – 05/03/13


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  • Wilhelm Guntlof

    Ill remind that Ricardo Rodriguez has an Alias “El Local” that had ocasional matchs in NXT so today wasnt really his first fight anyway

  • Ricardo

    Ricardo hall of fame 2014

    • ArtilleryKing

      i agree he always sacrifices himself

  • bill

    im sick of the fucking shield

    • Slayer

      And I have a lot of fun, then they crush another legend down :)

  • MrKaNeEraV2

    Poor Kane :/

  • JimBeam

    The Shield sucks so much. Why is the WWE thinking than someone wants to see three guys who are attacking guys and disturbing matches.definetly they are not so good like Ryback,Kane or Daniel Bryan. I hope WWE is not working with them anymore.

    • Slayer

      I want to see 3 guys called “The Shield’, for me they are much more interesting then boring Ryback, Kane, Bryan or pensioner Undertaker.

      • johny

        3mb is better than shield.. Ryback and John Cena.. OK !

    • AVPredator4985

      Who do you think you are sir

  • ahsish

    thanks for posting

  • conor

    enougfh of this shield shit

  • Jepi

    the stories of wwe is so unrealistic nowadays how the hell 3 guys would always one by one beat every fucking guy and the spear is always ending every turn-out so annoying and its okay if shield would be a little while but it has been like 5 months now in wwe and its so foregone conclusion that every match end ups with shield and every match shows the stupid believe in the shield screams in camera the population watching wwe is going down because it is same shit over and over again.

    • ArtilleryKing

      i think it might be a match at survivor series between three guys in the wwe vs the shield and i think the winning team will chose who loses their job on the other team or something like that

  • Dupstep Gohnson

    they left poor kane alone :’c

  • Mohan Nirmalal Sooriyabandara

    shield shit every where………. shield is nothing just a shit…….. how the fucking shield justice….. shield always cheat in every match even……… no tag but they continue each of their shield shit members………

    • yo

      I’m sick of shield too and this boring pack of dogs mentality. They don’t have that at all. Eah member gets their ass kicked then is revitalised as if that member just drank a bottle of elixir. then they have the upper hand. but always the same in 3 man tag, every member is involved in the ring. but for some reason the sheild don’t tag and the once legal man in the ring is now out of the ring and the illegal shiled member makes the pin. How does that work?

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  • Mohamed HBK

    i went to see undertaker vs cena at wresltmania 30 i hope wwe thinking about that great match

  • Mohamed HBK

    The shield sucks that’s true i hope undertaker face them at extreme rules

  • Mohamed HBK

    Taker vs cena two great performers in the history of the wwe wooooooooooooo it wil be such a great match

  • deep

    the shield is best of every wwe superstars no body can bet him cena,rayback,undertaker,kane,bryan,3mb,shamus,randy,bigshow,no body but they bet every man

    • ArtilleryKing

      r u out of ur mind anyone could beat the shield but the writers at wwe r telling all the other superstars to let them win

  • johny

    3mb vs Shield.. Thums Up !

  • johny

    worst smackdown ever !!

  • tijje

    lol nobody realises that ricardo used to be a wrestler at lucha libre too

    • ArtilleryKing

      i googled him and i knew.

  • Beekee Sing

    fuck…… the shield

  • tijje

    and that secret lover of kaitlyn is hornswoggle anyways i mean we have seen that like 10 times before

  • ?

    The shield Bringing JUSTICE in a UnJust world

  • ?

    sheild s*ck 8======D

  • Pp

    ibet me and two of you , could wrestling better then 3MB lol

  • ( o Y o )


  • ArtilleryKing94

    shield vs a three man team at survivor series winner takes control of the wwe

  • dawid9706

    Can You please upload newest TNA PPV? TNA One Night Only – Jokers Wild.

  • JimBeam


  • johny

    wwe is so childish now.. its always face vs heel.. its not fun.. it would be interesting if it is face vs face or Heel vs Heel… We havent seen in a long time since pg era started .. thums up :) for that !

    • johny

      it will be good if its sheamus vs cena… or orton vs alberto del rio… or d ziggler vs Sandow or Cody …

  • mrriceboizach

    The shield is interesting but its really bullshit how they win their matches. Like when dean ambrose beat kane that move looked like shit lol. Ive seen kane kick out of a rko but gets pinned by that random move. but i guess thats wwe

    • Toni

      you dont say time ago kane kicked out from 2 tombsstones vs the undertaker at wrestlemania 14. Huh how cool was the attitude era, i wish the minsetry of darkness to come back and fdace the shit called shield or stone cold the rock and mankind :D. talking about that the brothers of destruction was the most pwerfull team evern and now they can’t beta the shit (shield)! :(

  • th sheild

    the sheild their idiots they dont no with what there are messing with

  • the sheild

    stone cold should return and stun the sheild

  • the sheild

    i want to see undertaker kane and stone cold steve austin vs the sheild at wresltemania 30

  • Chico8

    It is quickly becoming a total embarrassment to every Superstar who has ever wrestled on WWE that we are to believe that the Shield can totally dominate them all! There needs to be a surprise Team emerge….one we can believe in! A group of men who have earned respect whether considered a heel or hero! Its time for the shield to be shattered!

  • ( o Y o )

    well at least the shield is better then 3 MB lmao

    • johny

      3mb is better !

  • Tanya Moell

    So am I. I still think that they didn’t get a contract to work by Vince McMahon. If he did, he’s an a $$ for doing so.

  • vyshnav

    never belive in the sheild

  • vyshnav

    and i want stone cold, rock and john cena vs the sheild