Watch WWE Smackdown 5/31/13

Watch WWE Smackdown 5/31/13 – May 31st 2013 – 05/31/13


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  • wwe badm

    first one here

  • wwe badm

    i llove wwe

  • abby

    awesome D-Bryan

  • Khre

    Daniel byran kane and randy orton against the shield the superteam

  • Wim Schindhelm

    daniel igot no words just perfect owsum brohter kane olso from brohter trihpleWWWwwwwww

  • haleem.pottuvil


  • haleem.pottuvil

    cena must beat the rayback

  • liquidass

    we want full version!!!, thanks btw and i liked the old theme this one is to simplistic and suck design wise

  • wrestlinglover

    waiting for full version.

  • :(

    Waiting payback CM PUNK

  • SCNboy

    Can you please upload the international version but with german commentary that would be verry nice!!!

  • PutWWEGameOnPC

    Let’s wait !

  • liquidass

    why does the second part work but not the first…

    • ProfessorCheese

      It was processing and it’s finished now. Try again.

      • liquidass

        ok, thanks so much btw can you change your theme back to the old one its better :P

        • ProfessorCheese

          Sorry nope. Some people like it, some don’t… And the older theme didn’t show Archives on the front page because there would be too many posts. This shows more posts on the front page.

          • 10y

            @ProfessorCheese:disqus this thheme is the best eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer one i have seen it is awesome but my suggestion is gonna change the colour man!

  • cena

    damn no working

  • Michael Viramontes

    Paul Heyman is so annoying but never fails to AMAZE me!
    makes wrestling so epic:) love that PERFECTPLEX.

  • hgjb

    cm punk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! coming back !!!!!!!!!

  • Wilhelm Guntlof

    Curtis Axel brags much but in the end his 2 big wins are by count down,not pin-fall…

  • Jacob Wright

    Daniel Byran makin me believe

  • MattViper

    Where are HD videos?

    • ProfessorCheese

      It’s coming now. I was waiting for the best version.

      • MattViper


  • Mavis

    I thought Punk will come back and turn face !! Let’s hope he will..

  • PutWWEGameOnPC

    No ! No ! No ! No !

  • devils favorite demon


  • devils favorite demon


  • Punk434

    Busy last night so I missed! Thanks for the upload!

  • jojo webmail

    thanks cookie chaser ! that shaemus segment saved this show

  • RybackFan123

    Curtis Axel is awesome !

  • *sigh*

    *Sigh* It’s almost not even worth watching anymore… You can see the superstars whispering to each other… Sandow doing magic tricks…on WWE… Sheamus trying to look like an idiot when it’s obvious Damien had the ball in his pocket even the crowd was yelling ” IN HIS POCKET ” The matches now end with 1 move.. The match of Ryback and Curtis Axel for Example…D Brian getting dq for something Kane did just to put some animosity between the 2 of them.. This show is not even as close as it was 5-10 years ago. On a finishing note , im sick and tire of the shield , their match suck it’s so obvious everything is scripted , D Ambrose is nto a wrestler at all , Rollins isn’t a wrestler also we can clearly see in every match he’s in he’s calling the move and everything i slow.. And Reigns well.. he’s the Rock cousin , enough said. This show will soon be aired on Cartoon Network at 8AM in the morning for the little kids waking up and eating their cereals.

    • OverratedHeelIndyWrestler


    • Frenz

      Wwe became a fake !!

      • lawl

        Correction: WWE is a fake LOL

    • Frenz

      but we still llove it :D

    • Malik Addi

      Hey i agree its script… But still good time kill…

  • ruben

    cm punk <3 <3 best in the world and win payback vs jericho

  • Malik Addi

    Is it english commentary or german?

  • Malik Addi

    Hey guys… Am watching this on my iPhone…
    Which is better?
    Hd or hdtv?

    • veikkaveikka