Watch WWE Smackdown 3/29/13
Watch WWE Smackdown 3/29/13 – March 29th 2013 – 03/29/13

Part 1 Part 2[/sociallocker]


Part 1 Part 2


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  • welan rahangmetan

    Thank you :)

  • welan rahangmetan

    It doesn’t work :$:$

  • nicola milan

    thank you cookie chaser

  • Kurkkumajoneesi

    Encoding in progress…

    • ProfessorCheese

      Just uploaded it. Wait like 5-10 minutes to process it.

  • Kurkkumajoneesi

    Thanks ProfessorCheese.

  • asdasdasd

    Dafuq Laurinaitis? w000000t

  • FuckSwagger

    wow big show ,sheamous,.and randy the best in the world.. Rock go fuck yourself,always talk bullshit,,Fuck the rock ,talk too much like female,, GayDango is motherfucker

    • Polar atom

      yo go nd fuck urself candy ass

    • mi.tom

      fuck off jabroni…

    • Rehad Ahmed

      ik rock talks bullshit he is bulshit bt he can kick john cenas candy ass cena will kick his candy ass just watch :D

  • FromCali

    why does the screen go black after the advertisement but the sound is still playing help >.<

  • TrollFace

    Thanks Professor Cheese

  • mi.tom

    never trust smiling rockey…

  • Antonis Tsiapas

    Oh man Laurinaitis IS BACK DAMN IT! I don’t want people power IT SUCKS!

  • Alex Aspire

    champion is here, wrestlemania XXIX. john cena will beat the rock

    • Rehad Ahmed

      yessssssssssssssss cena will beat tyhe fuck off rock nd become new wwe champion jhojn cena baby :D

  • MrKaNeEraV2

    Flash Serveur don’t work

  • PussyEater

    great seems like im too late and i cant watch it.

  • Arseneweibin

    Why I can not watch?





    • Rehad Ahmed

      fuck yr self cena will kik rock ass


    what?! i cant click on part 1 and part 2!



  • eg

    to fuckswag great comment specially about gaydango add asshole too

  • Icy.

    I watch Wwe but it,s scripted, The Rock won the first time, now John Cena is gonna win this time around.

  • aniq nawaz

    rock, ur gonna get fucked @ wrestlemania 29. you beat cena, you got him depreesed, divorced, made him lose the wwe title shot cos u beat him ONCE. but enas gonna fuck u up, and the whole world will be watching

  • yo

    the bench press reps were false. You look on google and there are other records about bench pressing 225lbs with 80 reps. WWE never explained the weight they were bench pressing

    • yo

      The reason I say false is Mark Henry would easily do more than 53 reps. This record is only in the NFL not the world and is for athletes not world strong men like mark henry. on there it shows a challenge although slightly different, of a strong man doing 80 reps.

  • yo

    I can’t stand Khali, he’s just a freak and is only in the WWE because of his size. He has like 4 moves in his set: His chop, high boot to face, slap on chest on the turnbuckle and walking when he can just manage it. I watch great talent in wwe next who should be on raw or smackdown 100 times more deservingly than khali.