Watch WWE Smackdown 3/15/13
Watch WWE Smackdown 3/15/13 – March 15th 2013 – 03/15/13

Part 1 Part 2[/sociallocker]


Part 1 Part 2


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  • Alterbridge1

    first part is nxt -.-

    • ProfessorCheese

      It’s been fixed. Refresh.

  • Cloud

    this is nxt?

    • ProfessorCheese

      Fixed. Go to video page and refresh.

      • Cloud

        thank you cheese :D

  • Whibby

    First part is NXT nice going admin, you cock blocker.

    • ProfessorCheese

      Your cock has been set free. Refresh the first part on video page.

    • Matt Coulson

      what a ding
      u should be happy u dont have to pay

  • shona

    thanks for the vids <3 you da best !

  • CartmaaN-

    This is a troll? I Clicked on part 1 and 2 but a music starts and i can’t watch the video..

    • Brian O’Donnell

      Most of the videos are hosted on Dailymotion if you are using internet explorer, they don’t work (unless IE has been fixed) try firefox

  • Hybz

    Troll? You certainly don’t appreciate this site and the job from those who serve you all this for free. If it’s not working, it’ll in a moment. Watched it again like I do since ever with no problems. Congratulations on your work, Prof.

    • Nathan Kaye

      I agree with you, I never have any problems and I’m watching them on an iPhone Lol

    • CaartmaN-

      I appreciate this site, it’s the first time i have problems.

  • Conar Maylee

    Amazing show thankz for free awesomeness

  • Steve Taylor

    The vid is getting all numb by minute 23,image fails and its jamming some

  • Wilhelm Guntlof

    Fandango gets all excuses to not fight…

  • Wilhelm Guntlof

    Mark Henry deserted the ring,all his bravado abt rulling failed empty today

  • C-K

    Professor Cheese do u have any solution to the NAN:NAN thing its pretty anoying

  • Nathan Kaye

    Wish people would stop moaning, it’s a free site, if you don’t like it don’t come to this website. Thanks for the upload and ill donate for Wrestle Mania.

  • Nathan Kaye

    Fandango what an ass, publicity stunt or what Lol

  • cenakar

    smackdown is goin to be awesome

  • armaan

    Wwe is amazing & john cena is gonna kick therocks ass

  • CenatheChamp

    Okay I have tryed hundreds of times to try to forward the video, or even pause it, but it just keeps playing?

  • CenatheChamp

    Wait if this isn’t cookie’s new site, then what happened with Cookie?

  • TheMandrangas

    This page is the best!! Great professor cheese!!

  • jojo webmail

    wow Y2J hasnt won a match since coming back… .he better turn heal
    thanks cookie chaser!

  • randy


  • Tr1260

    I love what you guys do and i really appreciate the work and effort that you put in to bring us FREE wwe, tna and ufc vids keep up the good work