Watch WWE RAW 5/27/13

Watch WWE RAW 5/27/13 – May 27th 2013 – 05/27/13



Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Post-Show


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Post-Show[/sociallocker]


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Post-Show


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Post-Show



  • cena_ray

    will cm punk return?? will john cena appear on this raw….lets wait nd see the monday night raw

    • Swastik Dhamija

      No official news of C M Punk but surely John Cena will be at RAW

    • Swastik Dhamija

      Okay.. Now news of CM Punk as well!
      He’ll most probably face Y2J at Payback in Chicago..

  • kingkong

    i cant wait for Cristian to return.

  • prince

    please upload bad blood 2004,survivor series 2007 or 2008

  • Debashis Dip


  • Coconut Jackson

    This is Coconut Jackson !

  • Put WWE game on PC

    We want Christian, CM Punk and Evan bourne back !

    • Debashis Dip


      • anomynous

        Shut up -.-

        • Jesus

          EY. MAJAA NUVEY!

      • anomynous

        Shut up, don’t have to be rude

    • saksnakl

      CM punk the worst in the world

      • Abid Chowdhury

        shut up, CM PUNK IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!

        • RHC

          Shut Up, JERICHO IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD, lets go Y2J

        • Prince195

          For De Love Of God CM Punk Is Not

        • Prince195

          Best In De World Never Give Up Which He Clearly Done Tap Alot Of Times,Best In De World Never Back Down Which He Like To Run And Can’t Fight His Own Battles Always Want Shield Get Involved And He Is A Quitter

      • Prince195

        De Best In De World Would Have To Be The Undertaker All De Way Tho

      • Diego

        excuse him, he is not a wrestling fan that watches wrestling because of wrestling, but because of cena……..nooob

  • bajhajha

    i want batista, goldberg and undertaker vs the shield.. i do really hate the shield. they are so boastful. im starting to hate ryback also because of what happen to john cena..

    • sunny singh

      believe in the shield ;)

      • jesus


    • Coconut Jackson

      you must be a kid.. just bcoz of kids like u what makes this company look stupid its PG bcoz of ppl like u.. shield is the best thing going in the company right now.. bocz of u Alex Riley The Miz John Morrison and other few superstars are not getting pushed.. Go On Wacht cena n u r not even bored of him.,. he does the same thing every week.. and has a super cena gimick his time is up !

      • bajhajha

        blah blah blah.. before you post a comment kindly make you sure if your spelling is right or wrong.. it’s WATCH and GIMMICK. and i’m not the manager or who has the right/position to pushed the other superstars to have a break. what about the shield how they fight? is it fair? its better raw superstars / smack down superstars vs the shield.. is that good?? hahahahah

        • bajhajha

          *make it sure i mean

      • conor

        John Morrison is not in WWE ANYMORE

    • beekee… CHEATED team

  • beekee

    FANDANGO suck!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • theoneofall

    guys john cena is the best wrestler of all time and I hope to see him on raw but not fighting …

    just to remind you guys he kicked out of 4 finisher in 1 mach…..

    he is the best!!!!!

    I also heard he will face undertaker at wrestle mainea and I bleave he will break the streak he is only one who can

    • heyhey

      dude i’m a john cena fan too but no one can beat the undertaker

      • Cena= worst wrestler in the or

        The only way cena would win is by kissing mr mcmahons ass

    • Sonu Sushit

      undertaker vs john cena wrestlemania 30 I quit match I u want so give me a hell yeah….

    • Daniele Spampinato

      believe me, he couldn’t. TU is unbeatable at wrestlemania, undertaker will end his carreer as undefeated, trust me!

      • emanuelfff

        no. i think the streak will end the last year he does a wrestlemania and it will be with kane and then both retire. It would have more sense.

  • RybackFan123


    • tavis

      we want Christian

      • Coconut Jackson

        We want John Morrison !

  • Michael Viramontes

    Dude im looking foward to Raw.
    listen im not trying to be annoying but
    man you are missing some good Royal Rumbles!
    1998-1999-2000-2001 #bestwrestlingsiteever

  • salman

    i need to see the sheild to be injured and to lose the match aginst sheamus,rand,kofi kingston. I think this will happen on this raw. what do you all think guyz?

    • hn

      no it wnt t will nly happen @ a main evnt rember the nexus and corre..

      the trd will only end @ a main evnt

    • jeffrey corbin

      ofi mest up simple he let ambros give him a runing drop kick & finnish him off

  • j

    can you put up the post show after raw tonight?

  • Cenation

    lets go cena cena sucks!

    • theoneofall

      cena is best you eadiot its good you said lets go cena but don’t say cena sucks or I will kick your ass

      • wwepontus


      • sac

        Cena sucks and kiss my ass

      • Nikolaus Dragon

        Cena sucks … Lemme see how you kick my ass.

  • Dylan

    Raw is getting shit bring back Jeff Hardy

  • Dylan


  • Dylan


  • Starkban


  • theoneofall

    guys john cena is the best wrestler of all time and I hope to see him on raw but not fighting …

    just to remind you guys he kicked out of 4 finisher in 1 mach…..

    he is the best!!!!!
    please guys be cena fans like me like john cena the most in wwe please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Coconut Jackson

      lol what a troll are u Rofl :D !!

  • Cena sucks

    Cena sucks

  • ben lipowski

    i love wwe

  • ben lipowski

    john cena is the best at the wold:D

  • ben lipowski

    hi done hi carlo

  • PB

    You Cant say 1 wrestler is better then another because thats the manage who choose the winner and looser that a show

    • PB


  • Sonu Sushit

    shield are the first heel in wwe history who appears from the crowd :p

  • Ami

    Is the post show included?

    • ProfessorCheese

      Added it.

  • Coconut Jackson

    Same Old Stupid Matches.. whats wrong with the company.. where is Alex Riley , Everyone wanna see him.. the company is going downhill !

  • Xayal Assadzade

    i want randy orton to turn heel!!! P.S: #BELIVEINTHESHIELD

  • Xayal Assadzade

    i’ve got some news about CM Punk buddies!!! He will return as babyface!!! OH GOD WHY??? i was thinking that,he will return and join to The Shield along with Brock Lesnar,Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman and will fight against McMahon family and Triple H!!!

  • khanaagable

    christian needs to return and win the intercontinental title back

  • SCNboy

    Sheamus and Orton should be a tag team that would be verry great


    cena is so goddamn boring

  • Exodia

    Triple threat for IC at Payback?

  • Noah Wetjen

    Thanks for the Post-Show ;)

  • BITCH!

    christian is a bitch :O cm punk yeah we want him back and evan bourne is 100% lesbian :P

  • Alex Aspire

    cm punk?

  • Jj

    Wwe over the limit 2012 please?

  • jyq

    curtis axel = shit

  • Johnny 2 Go

    Ryback Sucks! Ryback Sucks! Ryback Sucks!

  • alvinjohn

    ????CM Punk???

  • alvinjohn

    Maybe Christian will return 100 years from now…

  • RybackRules

    Ryback and Curtis Axel are my Favorite wrestlers now

  • veikkaveikka

    CM Punk Vs John Cena Vs The Rock at WWE SummerSlam for WWE Championship!


    , i like JOHN CENA, but now’every monday night raw you SUCK cena….we’re not happy what u doing in RING,.. NOTHING U STILL LOSER’ COME ON CENA give us a good FIGHT. not a stupid move like a kid. kurtis beat u, ryback kicking your ASS what’s wrong john??? u say u want some come get some but now u get some.

  • C Ferron

    what were the crowd looking up at during cena vs axel match

  • R


  • R


  • yo

    why was kane taken out so easily at the end? they make the shield win in such shit ways.

  • khudeejah

    Thank u so much for links

  • sss