Watch WWE RAW 5/13/13

Watch WWE RAW 5/13/13 – May 13th 2013 – 05/13/13


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  • Beekee Sing

    Y 2 J…….. bang bang

  • Maher Skillful

    thank you very much Watch Wrestling ….

  • Hardik Khanna

    cm punk returns lots of love to u cookie chazer

  • Hardik Khanna

    pls i want summer slam 2011 plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss if u are best u will give it


    When Ryback is not going to win the WWE Championship at sunday i`m going to stop watching WWE

    • Swastik Dhamija

      No one asked you… -_-

      • shaurav neupane


    • Kaisedge

      I like both John cena and ryback but I agree with u. Ryback needs to win because he’s currently on a losing streak at 5 consecutive pay-per-view and have lost 3 consecutive chance to win wwe championship . But the other part of me said John cena needs to win because he just went through hell with the rock to win the wwe championship after 18 months title drought and it’s not cool to lose it 6 weeks later.

      • Armaan da king of wwe

        Yh your right but john cena is gonna win

    • lolul

      ryback suck like his fan..

  • ViperM4X

    The best Site for Wrestling :DD
    Thank you!

  • richard stewart

    Where’s the link its not appearing any help?

    • Lets GO BRYAN!

      It will appear 30/15mn before the show :)

  • Steve’o

    When will it be on?

  • david

    I would like to know does it come live when the show starts i never used it on line before

  • Owen AL-TinQary


  • david

    so it will come live

  • WillFoSkill

    WWE, PLEASE! Stop with all the freakin’ dance-offs every week!!!

    • Armaan Da King Of WWE

      John Cena is gonna win fuck ryback it should be john rules and ryback wines

  • wwepontus

    Admin! When are HDTV liniks coming up? Btw your doing a great job running this site! Thx u!

    • ProfessorCheese

      It’s up now.

      • wwepontus

        Ohh. Thanks!

  • Thiam Za Thang

    thank you

  • samuel

    fandingo kiss my ass

  • the truth

    dont forget ryback disrepected goldberg

  • Siva Kishor Reddy

    Daniel Bryan is very impressive

  • James Lappin

    when Cole said JBL said I Quit in a match with John Cena… emm Cole it was Judgement Day 2005

  • I came to play

    The miz is back WOOOOOOOOOO .. awesome

  • Lucky Rihal

    RAW is boring without CM Punk

  • Allison Barahona

    Y2j all the way and triple h is gunna beat Brock lesner white head bitch ass

  • macho

    This website isn’t letting me watch video’s anymore… what’s wrong ???

    • ProfessorCheese

      It’s working fine here. Lots of other people have watched it. Do you get any error or something? It should be working.

  • chamath


  • ApexPredator

    Randy Orton <3


    I think the WWE has gone over the top due to the fact that they are forgetting about the rematch clores for the belts

    1. the Rock vs Cena rematch

    2. Alberto vs Mr Show Ass

    and i think they have been over looked and when Pay Per View is on the belt matches is what i want to watch

    oh and my pridictions for sunday are :

    the sheld win the tag team and usa belts even tho they dont deserver them and its a fix

    brock wins –reason as above

    randy orton wins due to home town

    shamas wins due to for seeable

  • James

    I believe in the shield

  • RybackFan123


  • Yehea Abdelgany

    triple H the best

  • macho

    This isn’t letting me watch video’s anymore

  • courtenay-joy

    summer rae and fandango tricked everyone duh she was faking so that fandango can attack jericho

  • sumanta

    ryback sucks attacking cena lyk a coward

  • Wim Schindhelm


  • yo

    The dance off was pathetic. The whole Summer Rae act was so bad in the acting I hated the way the commentry acted as if they where fooled. But whats bothering the most is that the WWE is so much about commercials, advertising their own brand. Its OK to do this but now is so much in your face. We want WWE to be big like its the premiership of wrestling but it can get to far commercialized. There’s all the ‘WWE is the most active network’ ‘WWE sold more DVD’s’ The one where they said ‘WWE 13 on 360 and PS3 is the number one selling video game’ I looked and WWE 13 was not in the top 10 selling game for that week. Now its must download the app. To vote who Big E should face ‘Del Rio or Swagger you must download the app. They only do the voting to encourage people to download the app. The thing is that your vote counts for nothing as the match has already been scripted and rehearsed

  • Sanjit dey

    johon cena is the best

  • Guillermo

    It’s should be John cena vs CM Punk

  • CM punk

    cm punk will beat the crap out of brock lesnar BEST IN THE WORLD