Watch WWE RAW 4/8/13

Watch WWE RAW 4/8/13 – April 8th 2013 – 04/08/13


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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3



  • Nathan Kaye

    Thanks Cookie for uploading. All worked fine for me and stayed up all night watching it. (From the UK) thanks Cookie……..

    • Bradley Falla

      Yeah, thanks from the whole of the UK!

  • Wrestlinggod

    Whats coming next at Wrestlemania 29

  • JohnCeanFAN1

    Never give up

  • SkorpeaN

    I love this Website ..!

  • Anonymus 326

    Why did Ziggler didn’t cashed in ??

    • Bradley Falla

      I feel that it was a massive letdown to not have Dolph Ziggler to not cash in at Wrestlemania as it would have been the first Money in the Bank cash-in! Well one thing is for sure… He will most likely cash it in either this RAW show, next Smackdown’s show, if not any of the previous then the next pay-per-view: Extreme Rules. But on a personal level I would have liked to see “Ziggy” cash in on the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania! Dolph really deserves this push, and him cashing it in there and then would have really solidified his main event status.

  • It’sallaboutthegame

    Becouse wwe hates him maybe?

  • Mohamed

    Thanks man i really like this website keep up your great work.

  • kingCena

    we have new champion! give me hell yeah

  • Mohamed

    Finally john cena is the WWE CHAMPION

    • conor


  • charlo

    the champppppppp isssssss hereeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

  • John cena No.1 fan

    Nice ! Please welcome ur new wwe champion johnnnnnnnn Cennnnnnna

  • cenasucks

    Cena sucks

    • Bradley Falla

      Totally true, but what would you prefer? A part-time champion (The Rock) who only wrestles at pay-per-views or a workhorse like John Cena who will wrestle on live RAW and Smackdown shows?

      • WWE Dogma

        I agree with you Bradley. I’m no fan of Cena but I respect him and his contributions to the biz. I would much rather him be champ than the Rock. Since his “return” he has only wrestled SIX TIMES!! That is it. NO house shows. No Raw, Smackdown, Main Event, Saturday Morning Slam. He is a part-timer at best and he is rewarded with a strap. WWE is turning into a big joke.

      • Delil070

        I prefer Cm Punk

        • zeb colter

          I prefer Jack swager ! :D We the Pooeples !

    • Karan DeSai

      fk off

    • cena rocks

      you suck donkey dick

    • kambata

      CM PUNK, better than Cena and The Rock

      • mi.tom

        y?coz he is on drugs?

        • Voice of Voiceless

          do you know what straight edge means?idiot

          • mi.tom

            it doesnt matter who u think the best is know ur role and shut ur mouth comsi comsa.

      • conor


  • OMAR


  • OMAR


    • Wilhelm Guntlof

      No B. has stated hes unhappy with how things are being lead by WWE and by so hes not planning in returning soon.
      ill quote:
      “Batista later said in an interview that he left WWE because he did not like the direction the company was going in and would not be returning any time soon.”

  • ©???????? D??

    Rock NO SHOWED and OMAR if batista was gonna come back he wouldnt really have a angle

  • Bradley Falla

    Going to wait until ProfessorCheese uploads all parts by midday tomorrow (UK.) My connection isn’t capable of live streaming at the moment. I am highly disappointed that The Rock lost in his first defense as WWE champion, but I suppose he is an actor and he has got other schedule’s to stick to. I wonder what is going to be next for the new WWE champion, John Cena!? Any ideas?

  • Bradley Falla

    Part 1 is currently not working, not sure if it is just me experiencing this problem or everybody else?

  • savo

    parts 1 and 2 aint working !

    • Ap

      You are not the only one

  • savo


  • jessie

    watched part 1 and 2 but 3 isnt working for me

  • C-K


  • C-K


  • C-K

    PART 4!!!

  • Hoo Krauser

    Why cannot see 1

  • Jessiee

    omg none of this shit works!! ): ):

    • randy orton fan

      it’s working for me

      • Jessiee

        i dont give a fuck… i can wait till its fixed for me..

  • Azhar Fida

    Del rio injured and Ziegler take advantage

  • FuckShowFuckdango

    all links were broken, the page cant be displayed, please do repair it.. oh no, Big show is the ugliest guy in wwe, he don’t wrestle at all, all he know is betraying his partner, I hope one day Big show will face Mark henry, Henry is far better than Big show..

  • Thiran Ravin

    ;lol.. links are not workin.. :(

    • ProfessorCheese

      Take a screenshot of what you are seeing please. I have no idea why it’s not working for some of you guys. Take a screenshot and show me what it says.Working fine for me and other people I asked also. Thanks.

      • Samarth Raizada

        Its going straight to google chrome cannot find this page, and some other time it says please reload the page.

        • ProfessorCheese

          Yes, I found and corrected the problem already. It’s starting to work and will work for everyone soon. Some people it’s working, others will work soon.

          • Samarth Raizada

            It’s not working for me right now, I’ll check later.
            Thanks anyways :))

          • jon

            what was wrong?? cuz earlier today I was watchin wm29 was working great now when I try watching raw or roh or wm says page not avalible

  • Joaquin

    This is great! All the links work fine for me. This has made watching wrestling a lot easier for me. And, to be honest, I enjoy it more than sitting through the commercials on TV.

  • silver_hari

    none of the parts are working!!!!

    • yanyan

      because it is currently live

    • the game

      its working for me!

      • Jessiee

        i dont give a fuck… i can wait till its fixed for me..

  • ProfessorCheese

    Ok I figured out the problem. It will start working for you soon..In the meantime, clear your cache.

  • ABHI

    part 5 is not working , part 1 is working

    • ProfessorCheese

      Part 5 has been reposted. It was rejected, now working.

  • Fraser Mackellar

    Part 5 and 6 are not working

  • AVPredator4985

    The putlocker part 5 isn’t working. Just goes to black when I hit play

  • Jessiee

    wtf i dont see putlockers where r u guys getting putlockers..

    • ProfessorCheese

      Part 5 is because it got rejected on Dailymotion.

      • Jessiee

        fuck still didnt watch part 3… :(

  • Mahmoud AboZied

    none of the parts are working!!!!

  • Shaun Cherian Mathew

    thanks dude for the link great ork

  • FromCali

    Our Champ Is Him We Must Respect That

  • shagy daddy

    i cant watch the link…………..wen i click the said opps google couldnt find the page

  • job

    its not working for me only one is putlocker other 7 says page cant be display either the dasilymotion or ur website down.

  • Ap

    All the links to the site are not working for me. I was just watching the shows on my iPad last not, all the links were working yesterday. What is going on?

  • Stephane Chatelois

    Sorry man but none of the link work so far

  • Asad

    None of the links are workin :’(

  • chris walker

    why part 5 will be connect putlocker, please put dailymotion cookie

  • Jessiee

    im still in part 3 WTF -.-

    • Samarth Raizada

      No part working here :((

      • Jessiee

        ikr!!! even the new links not working ):

        • Samarth Raizada

          I tried them too , still nothing, and its all over Facebook that, what an awesome Raw this was, and i am sitting here :|

          • Jessiee

            ikr haha i try to look at fb cuz of spoilers :/

          • jrv93

            not to look*

          • Samarth Raizada

            Ziggy won WHT :D
            Finally something good happening, but Punk out :((

  • Y0uNgR4mb0

    not working..

  • nohope

    links dont open

  • Gary

    I appreciate that you post these videos..but,am I the only one that has problems…..many times after the commercials I lose the video and have just sound with a black picture….it happened again just a few minutes into the first of 3 parts after the first commercial………any suggestions ?……..Thanks

    • jrv93

      every 5 mins it pauses!! just keep ur eye on the bottom if it pauses press play right away to avoid this problem!!

  • wwepontus

    Do you know when the videos are up again or are they lost forever?

  • Stylor

    It says “This webpage is not available” please fix. :c
    Thanks <3

  • The Rock

    links die :(

  • Kaetarian

    still not working for me.. Open page and says it cant find server or something

    • WWE Dogma

      I’m having that problem as well.

  • jake

    Why does it say that HD will be added tomorrow morning? I thought it was today

    • jrv93

      maybe he doesnt have time… or maybe its alrdy tomorrow for u.

  • Cena,Sheamus,randy,Taker

    In Fact,Ryback cant beat cena at all cuz ryback has already loss to henry, 2 years ago,henry was defeated by cena twice. Ryback never wins any of his PPV event,Cena Still the champ forever, Go cenation leader.. And About ziggler, he is a a good wrestler but the way he won tittle was completely wrong, Big show should have to face Ryback or henry ,that would be a great match in wwe histry

  • chris walker

    hd links are not working cookie

  • Sonu Sushit

    it was better than the wrstlemania

  • Goldberg

    The only one who can beat cena is Goldberg..Goldberg Is 100times better than lesnar and cena.. Ryback is a new comer,he need some more experience and his idea was so bad

  • Drew

    Will HD links be added tomorrow?

    • jrv93

      Try read please.

      • Drew

        Are you the owner? NO! so shut up I didn’t ask you

  • ryan

    link not working

  • crazyfrog

    I can not watch it says page not found.


    It said for me it couldn’t find that web page….

  • Cena4Ever

    Admin when are you going to fix this ?
    Please answer.

  • Thiran Ravin

    lol..ntin workin there..

  • WWERock

    Please post 720p HD today, Not tomorrow. Thanks

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  • Cena4Ever

    Finally it works, thank you admin !

  • Kamran Khurshid


  • Kamran Khurshid

    For all you saying Cena sucks, hes been a legend for 10 years now and he is a future Hall Of Famer. He is a legend in the making. A new eras began. WWE Champion John Cena is my all time favourite wrestler, show him support. Love you CENAAAAAA!!!

  • Kartik

    Cena the perfect man……

  • dante


  • RVD


  • hulk hogan

    hulk hogan come back home

  • WCW

    WCW back



    • Goldberg


  • Why you looking

    Cena Sucks , Rock 4 Lyfe.

  • xx19steven87xx

    i was there and it was amazing

  • Mocha

    Awesome. The quality the best so far.

  • xx19steven87xx

    the hell is wrong with this player???????????????????? jesus

  • DeineMutter24/7

    this was the best god damn raw since years!!!

  • Kamran Khurshid

    John Cena is a legend so for all the people saying Cena sucks just think about the fact that the WWE would not be the same without him and thank you so much Cookie!!!

  • ArtilleryKing94


  • Kamran Khurshid

    Lets show Cookie all the support we have and the thanks we have for him for making this website. Everyone like this so Cookie can see how many people love his website and thank him!!!

    • Goldberg


      • Kamran Khurshid

        Yes Goldberg, your appreciation is mutual!!!

  • HITMAN_007

    Today’s raw was epic

  • nishanth

    @ProfessorCheese:disqus will you be uploading hall of fame video?

    • ProfessorCheese

      Yes. It will come later tonight.

      • nishanth

        ok thank you…

      • nishanth

        i cant find the video can you please give me the link.

  • mi.tom

    all this hype should lead to triple threat match for wwe championship cena vs the rock vs brock lesnar…and the rock laying the smacketh down on all their candy asses.

  • ThinkNoodles

    A new world heavyweight champion i thought dolphziggler brief case has expired

  • MrKaNeEraV2


  • R


  • wwefunnyman

    RANDY ORTON FORGOT HIS LINE, PART 2 30:55, Orton’s lips says “whats my line”!!!! LOLOLOL VOTE THIS UP PLEASE!!

  • Good Mann

    I’m a Del Rio fan, but i’m also happy as hell Dolph finally Cashed it

  • Rhythm Rheeds

    Okay.. I see what Orton did there! >xD
    I mean.. he forgot his line and asked sheamus!

    if u don’t believe me.. watch part 2
    Duration: 30:01 – 30:25
    U’ll see orton asking sheamus “what’s my line?”
    and then u’ll laugh yo’ ass off

  • cena rocks

    cena rocks

  • JimBeamDe

    Ryback has to be the WWE Champion and not shit Cena

  • Sean the Irish Bastard

    Can somebody please tell me the name of that music piece that goes during wrestlemania photos?

  • Navjeet Nick

    I want to download this epic episode of RAW which totally made my day, if yes how can i????

  • Navjeet Nick

    I want to download this very bad, that episode just made my day, if yes how can i????

  • wweviewer

    hey the vidoe is not getting uploaded…tried couple of times..previosuly i have seens lal dnt know suddenly whats teh issue…is tehre any problem others are also facing? please share your thoughts…or any clue to solve it…