Watch WWE RAW 3/18/13

Watch WWE RAW 3/18/13 – March 18th 2013 – 03/18/13



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  • Hardik Khanna

    i want a brawl btw rocky and cena and i want rock togive rock bottom to cena on a table

    • FuckingIdiot

      Not on 1 through your idiot

    • BrImIx

      How come everyone hates CeNa?????

      • Rrrrrr

        Ya cena rox

      • not a cena hater but…

        That thing with Daren Young, what was it for? Was it entertaining? Did you saw something in both wrestlers moves or interaction that could make you say “Oh Yeah”? I can say last year he was good at the mike. But on monday 18? Seriously !

  • rockycena

    cm punk the best in the world!!!!!!!!!! accept it….

    • Chandu

      stop dreaming

  • CeNa RoCks

    Cant wait………

  • CeNa RoCks

    In April the 7th Cm PuNk might win or UnDeRtAkEr
    20/1? or 21/0? One of them…….

    • StraightEdge


      • Wilhelm Guntlof


      • BRo99

        Cm punk might win but were talking Under Taker here bro

      • Chandu

        stop dreaming

    • Vitor


  • ashish

    can,t wait …to c match of lesnar vs triphle h..

    • Chandu

      waiting so eagerly for that

  • jens eli jacobsn

    i hope fandango will face mark henry tonight, and lose

    • Wilhelm Guntlof

      If he doesnt again jump out/off with the excuse abt his name “isnt being told correctly” lol

      • Arz Halloun

        its fan dan goo xD

    • Fandango is a dip shit

      fandango is a twat its like he’s scared! All Talk no action.. Why did he even come to wwe? He’s useless..

  • Undertaker

    At Wrestlemania The Undertaker Will Be 21-0 And That’s A Fact

    • Parth jani

      Dame Dame true

    • Chandu


  • ahmed peak on anyone

    john cena is going to beat the rock and that is a fact cm punk will come and the rock will do the rock bottom on cm punk and he will turn around and john will do the f.u to the rock and there will be a champion called john cena.

  • ahmed peak on anyone

    john is going to beat the rock obviously it is kind of obvious

  • MrKaNeEraV2

    I hope Kane destroys Daniel Bryan ! Kane is not Barney ! He his the BIG RED ASS KICKING MACHINE

  • gautam rana


  • Vitor

    When who can watch?

    • Vitor

      when we can watch?

      • RollingLikeB.

        Look at the live counter right above youre comment men ;d

  • jonathan

    Twice in a lifetime!!! John Cena vs. The Rock at wrestlemania 29

  • Drifter

    Fandango his right name if FUN DILDO OH said correctly

  • Drifter

    That fag should go back to school and learn english, and take that fat person who dances for him with him, damn two fags on one show

  • miz

    Cm punk all ways wins because he cheats plus he disrupted the undertaker accepted all right…

  • Rrrr

    Cena rox he always has my support

  • rockycena

    team of cena,sheamus and ryback cant beat shield..can the team of sheamus,randy and ryback beat shield????? i dont think so……

  • parth jani

    Where is Animal..? :(

  • Y2J

    ´´fan dan goo´´ is an ass. his real name is Jonny Curtis and he won the 4 season of nxt 2 years ago

  • Y2J

    Undertaker will win against Punk ihope it will be hell in a cell

  • rade

    why nat ziggler win a macht wiht out big E fuck big e

  • David Rosales Cañar

    Hi This is awesome In YouTube you cannot see RAW but inthis page you can do it so THANKS

  • Ramonflanagan Juniorgomez

    Fandango is GAY

  • Ramonflanagan Juniorgomez this is not a wrestler..this is a ..stupid

  • sawan sheombarsing

    triple H career is on the fucking line i hope he will win that match vs that fucking brock lesnar

  • Jaff Spidy

    believe in the shield