Watch WWE RAW 2/11/13

Watch WWE RAW 2/11/13 – Feburary 11th 2013 – 02/11/13


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  • Matt Coulson

    u know cookie chasers back with a new name :)

    • Dew

      What name?

      • Mannal

        Wwe ryabck rules

    • ProfessorCheese

      I’m not CookieChaser. He simply gave me a shout out, and I greatly appreciate that.

      • Matt Coulson

        infact this is better :)

  • Elize Roos

    Thank you

  • Louis Suarez Foster

    What time will this actually start?

    • ProfessorCheese

      In about 40 minutes.

      • Louis Suarez Foster

        Ok thanks

  • Will

    any live streams?

  • AXinc

    THANKYOU Cookie chasers…..Im whaitin in oooh Yeah So much antisipation For raw Im sweatin my face is as red as Rick Flair’s an my Heats Just about Pop Like The King Jerry Lawler’s. But I fell like YEAH U HA!!! FREAKIN’ an im say to not be freakin YEAH….. Not untill Raw Starts…..OOOOHHH YEAH!

  • Wrestling Jesus


  • ProfessorCheese

    I’m not CookieChaser guys, but thanks for the messages. I hope you enjoy the show.

    • Kumarizme

      Bro i have difficulties to watch vidoed, prompt error invalid, can you help me on this?

  • AXinc

    ok the one they call The FORMER. Im so dam Angery that I who hav come to watch the Great 1am waiting still to watch Raw. AN’ Dont get me wrong Former Us WWE Fan love you for the great quality work you do, show after show RAW is RAW no WAR CCtv untill you post raw im going to just going to Work out my huge Guns untill they are even more impessive….

  • AXinc

    Professor cheese…. well sorry about my coments before to CC.TV. Oh Yeah Thanks for Cuttin The WWE CHEESE Professor…If ya HAV SMMMMELT THE CHHEEEEESE THE PROFESSOR”S BeeN CuTTIN’

  • AXinc



    OMG i really thought you were gonna quit D: LOVE U COOKIECHASER <3

  • rupak 097

    thanks guys!welcome back,u guys are awesome!!Really really missing u!:-))

  • Alloly

    part 8 is deleted :(

  • Tau

    what happen to part 8 ?? :(

  • Lets go cookie

    Hey cookie great to see you back fella … Really missed you and was waiting for you to be back.. I was searching you whenever i came online… Finally found you… You are the best in the world fella.

  • maan the power

    we missed u a lot………welcome back

  • M_Kane_H

    thank you cookie,

  • Leeman

    Yall gonna get our favorite guy sued, dont call him by his name!

  • Ziyad

    FINALLY coockie

  • Evans

    am a big fun of cookie chasers, they never ever disapoint me

  • hulu

    cookiechaser you’re awesome

    • breaktheACE

      =.= stupid…
      he/she is not a cookiechaser you moron

  • Pogge

    thank you very much for uploading on a new name, I was having a hard time getting updated with WWE XD

  • TheMuscularOne

    Fuck you WWE, if I want to watch your product for nothing then I will. It’s not like you’ve given a shit about what I want over the past few years.

  • Steve Mark

    Khali is an abortion of the very worst kind. To think that he’s a former world champion devalues pro wrestling significantly.

    • disqus_fNGVYqxW3b

      I totally agree. Khali should not be in any wreslting franchises never mind the wwe. He can’t even walk never mind wrestle. Every match I see him in is short. Its either he faces a no name or one thats less respected to the wwe universe. and tat match he does no wrestling, just his high chop thingy move and its game over. Mark henry finish him quickly because khali has no move set and whoever khali wrestles the quality of the wrestling is dramatically reduced, looks so bad. He’s only there because of his hieght.

  • Kumarizme

    Bro facing error during watch video..An error occurred: INVALID STATE ERROR: Dom exception 11 at defined line undefined, plz help me

  • kane

    content rejected… please fix it

    • ProfessorCheese

      Reuploaded it.

  • Soundofshadow

    bring it back up please i didnt finish it yet :(

  • J.

    Cant watch it! ): Just says content rejected.. ):

  • Adam Domow

    For those of us old enough to remember…one can say this is just like Dusty Rhodes coming back as the Midnight Rider…and those that aren’t old enough to remember, it’s worth “Googl-ing” and “YouTub-ing”

  • Best In the World 11

    Thank you to the mystery man ProfessorCheese for the video uploads!

  • Jorge L

    save_us_cookie , your the best in what you do!

  • SinCarra

    Hey, you are back. You should have informed me to save me some trouble searching for other downloading sites. Yatattiiiii!!!!

  • Evans Sarfo

    hey guys what is new name for cookie chaser?