Watch WWE RAW 10/7/13

Watch WWE RAW 10/7/13 – October 7th 2013 – 10/07/13


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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

  • I_am_Jeffy


    • raw66

      ??? /

  • raw66

    finally the Rhodes family win and back to WWE (???)

    • Snow

      Are you mentally handicapped?

      • James Clarise

        Your a Retard cunt

        • Snow


        • generationpolitics

          That doesn’t even make sense….. you must be a writer for the WWE

          • wassup

            shut the fuck up and enjoy the show assholes

      • raw66

        i will not fight with you
        because i’m not mentally retarded shit like you

        • Snow

          My point is proven

          • AVPredator4985

            That escalated quickly…lol

    • Ryan Flach

      Dont listen to these foul mouthed jabroni’s! …Long live the Rhodes family!



    • Prime time playa

      I see what you did there RawisWar

    • # 1Cena and Rock fan

      Hands up if you want a tournament for the vacant WWE championship like what they did in Survivor Series 1998…..THAT WAS AWE$OME……

      • Bilal Mvw

        Thats how wwe should be. But thx to pg

    • # 1Cena and Rock fan

      WOW Eva Marie is looking beautiful as FUCK……………..I am falling in love<3

  • Rafik Samer Lababidi

    so is goldust employed to the wwe

    • Bilal Mvw

      Yh. I wanna see him world champion

  • #CenationPower

    LoL Can’t wait this night,this is for talk about #wwebattleground

  • Aziz Aw

    big show what will happen??????

    • Andre Luiz

      suck show

      • # 1Cena and Rock fan

        BABY SHOW?LOL………

    • Thee Bawss

      Bitch show

    • Bilal Mvw

      Flip you all. Show is a child hood hero for large children so go away

    • Kevin

      This was a dope episode

      • Bilal Mvw

        The only dope is cena coming back

  • what_it_is_brah

    man really wanted orton to win

    • DX generation

      but no one win

      • luuk

        suck it?

        • DX generation

          your mother my bitch

          • luuk

            dude wtf

  • Andre Luiz

    welcome to mooonday night raawww

  • Andre Luiz

    fuck you big show

    • James Clarise

      FUCK YOU

    • wassup

      bet u wouldnt say that to his face pussy

  • chrissi calvert

    Big Show seemed to be a bit happy after he was “fired”

    • # 1Cena and Rock fan

      Don’t know about him but i was happy…….GOOD RIDDANCE…….Bitch show

  • brandon

    WWE do something stupid…

  • chrissi calvert

    If JoJo is 19 and eligible to wrestle on RAW WHY FUCK CAN THEY NOT CALL UP PAIGE FROM NXT??? She looks good & can actually wrestle, unlike some Divas

    • Bilal Mvw

      Cuz jojo is more like a celeb wrestler i believe

      • chrissi calvert

        Wouldnt call her a “Celeb” let alone wrestler.

        • Bilal Mvw

          Ehh. Not a big fan divas division. Don’t really know, and not really bothered to find out either.

  • jeff

    Is it just me or have they used the same storyline they has for Stone Cold Steve Austin. The corporate vs the superstars?

    • what_it_is_brah

      yea brah same shit different day

  • Randy Orton

    Hey! I am the face of WWE and I am gonna win that WWE champion.

  • farhad

    cena and sheamus plsssss come back 1 like=come back plsss cena


      Good job you faked that you wanted john cena to return and then he says he will be back at Hell in a cell good job man your smart….Dumb cunt

      • farhad

        coz i love john cena now then forever……

      • Bruno Vaz

        im k with sheamus returning as heel but fuck cena

        • farhad

          fuck you not cena

          • Bruno Vaz

            ;) yes son fuck you and cena

          • Bruno Vaz

            children never learn

          • Bruno Vaz

            Cena will win but sandow will cash in his MITB and win then cena will return to his shell injured

          • RVDFan

            Fuck Cena. He sucks.

  • sonu12

    lol sandow’s 26th loss in a row…

  • kelvin

    yes HHH got knock out

  • Thanasis Margaritis

    It was one hell of a (BIG)show!!!

  • 3:16

    finally the bizarre one ! Goldust is back on Raw :D

  • ???????? ???????

    ???????? cana ??? orton ??? ????? ??? rey ???? ado

  • sonu12

    i want john cena to win the whc then sandow cashes and wins and at elimination chamber rvd vs sandow and rvd wins the title…

  • andrew

    this shit is so guy like wtf when you want to watch a ep you cant bc all the pop up you get will your watching they vidoe

    • BO$$ UP^

      use adblock

  • farhad

    whats john cena return on hell in cell……

  • Mukesh

    Best Raw ever! BIG SHOW did what’s best for business.

  • kddj

    finally the big show ko punch thhh

  • Jayant Lokhande

    ORTAN will be Good man Someday and Daniel Bryan will be Villan …. YES-NO! YES-NO! YES- NO!

  • what_it_is_brah

    finally we have achieved WORLD PEACE when an atheist(CM Punk) and a christian(R-TRUTH) walk side by side together as tag team partners. AMEN Brahs

  • Shoeb Sayed

    the best match was rhodes dynasty vs the shield

    • Bilal Mvw

      Rhodes dynasty? It was 2 rhodes and bryan

  • Kris Gonzales

    Big Show needs to tell Stephanie to get on her knees instead.

  • Trobro

    I am sick and tired from orton and Daniel they both r suck I want the rock back in wwe.

    • DJOTRIX993 .

      He is a part timer he only comes when he is desperate for money

    • dnjknfnjdnjkfdf

      the rock left the WWE because he makes more money making movies

  • AlbinoAce

    What’s gonna happen tomorrow?! Big Show struck a chord!

  • Bruno Vaz

    my nightmare came true john cena returning to wwe

    • Naveed Arshad

      bruno vaz was everybody nightmare

  • Guest

    to much mistakes at the divas match.

  • BestInTheWorld

    to much mistakes at the divas match , eva isnt ready yet

  • PunkIsGod

    WWE Hell in a cell Hhh vs Big show i think :)

  • 3:16

    HBK for president !! :D

    • Bilal Mvw

      no. Dusty Rhodes for president. I will move to usa just for that

  • BestInTheWorld

    John cena?? heavy weight champion match???? !! HELL YES!!!

    • Bilal Mvw

      Helll no. This is why anyone with a bit of wrestling sense is gonna switch to jpw after hell in a cell.

      • BestInTheWorld

        no body cares, u can go to hell as well..

        • Bilal Mvw

          So you just proved you don’t have any wrestling sense. Never mind and keep kissing CENAS backside. I won’t stop you young un’

          • BestInTheWorld

            rofl haha whata kid ..
            im just watching it for FUN idc about sense or anything else
            pathtic kid , im sure u are 14 years old or a virgin 25+ person
            find a life..

          • Bilal Mvw

            Your name it seems is based on punks catch phrase, your commenting, and told me to got to hell? And to say your only watching for fun? Seems that you have no sense let alone wrestling sense.

  • Arbaz Khan

    Finally The champ is returning at HIAC, John cena rules !!

  • yes yes yes

    Finally Triple H got a lesson by Big Show.

  • jishnu_vijayan

    hell in a cell 2009 2010

  • mike

    The divas match sucked Eva Marie was horrible she needs more practice.


    opinions of BATTLEGROWND
    Kickoff (8) it could be better
    RVD vs Del rio (9.1) i loved the match it was pg but it was awesome a 5 star brawl
    real americans vs marella and khali (8.2) becouse of the ending it was incredable
    truth vs axel (8.2)
    aj vs brie (8)
    rhodes brothers vs shield (8.8)
    bray vs Kofi (8.3)
    punk vs ryback(8.5)
    orton vs bryan (8.6)strange ending

  • Akt

    why do I always get this Nan:Nan thing and i cant pause or forward the video???

  • Bilal Mvw

    HBK. I was expecting Bret Hart. OOOOOOOO

  • TheRealSuperHero

    Thumb up if you don’t want John Cena’s Back !!!

  • Bilal Mvw

    lOL. Cole is fresh.

  • Bilal Mvw

    Show shod of chokeslammed her. Or be in the title shot

  • Bilal Mvw

    Cenas back. Time to start watching Japenese wrestling.

    • CapnFoo

      New Japan and NXT are the best shows right now.

      • Bilal Mvw

        I don’t watch nxt because I think it spoils raw and smackdown. I like keeping wwes young talent a surprise. But new Japan isn’t on daily from what I’ve heard. So…….

    • RVDFan

      I rather liked it when Cena was gone. I do like hi. But it was better without him. I mean all he ever does is trash talk like shit. And I hate him when he’s champion. So I hope for the first time ever that del rio kicks his ass in hell In a cell. I can’t stand Cena. He sucks. This is my opinion and it’s totally true. Thumbs up if u agree with me.

      • Bilal Mvw

        I agree with you but it’s not really an opinion, it’s just facts. I wish they would, but what happened at hell in a cell two years ago? Del rio beat cena. So Unfortunetly it would be the other way around. But why should cena be world champion? Even dwayne Johnson appears on smackdown more than him, now that’s saying something.

  • ooooo

    hhh is just fooling all the people he is just promoting wwe
    he repeats best for Bussiness
    infact he doing Best for Bussiness …….he choose only those people opposed by audiences
    and then hitting the people liked

    he is just doing wrong things to do a right thing that is money for him …….

    • Bilal Mvw

      Thats wwe. Heels should be the faces cuz there wwe’s biggest ting. The heels are the reason why anyone watches the next week, not cud of faces. Who wants a hero vs hero. Sure they are great matches but from a storyline view it is week.

  • mohammedashkhan

    what a punch by big show at the last moment for triple h wow superb big show u defeated the evil…lol. superb punch…

  • Bilal Mvw

    Know won’t be easy but old the unloaders replace the black green with the content on the wwe app/ Wld b pretty kl

  • Bilal Mvw

    But its funny. Shield have been facing bryan for a whole year but still can’t reverse a move as of late. See. This is why anyone who likes bryan NOW is a twat. Waste of talent

  • Bilal Mvw


  • Jack Swagger

    Goldust is epic. YES YES YES. WE THE PEOPLE. YOU’RE WELCOME. Lol

  • bamba

    yes cena is back

    • Bradley Falla


    • RVDFan

      No, Cena is back. That ball of shit.

  • suleman

    wwe only need one thing competitor like wcw.

    • suleman

      and then every thing will be fine

    • Dtox

      because they aremt competing with TNA? TNA stole most of thier best super stars in my opinion :P

  • PunkIsGod

    Look at dbs hair part 3 29:47 :O Is that fake hair :)

  • Mostafa Sasa


  • BRIE

    RAW was way better then battleground ..!! Without the boss HHH WWE is really a mess …. epic episode loved it…And i hope RKO winss d championshp soon!!!!!

  • TheKTJ

    What is up with all the “DBry can’t wrestle”..Daniel Bryan is easily one of the best wrestlers the WWE has. Much, MUCH better than Orton.

  • Cnyautofreak

    its funny, they say in the storyline HBK trained daniel bryan, but his style reminds me way more of bret hart.

  • Abdul00

    big show knock out Triple H..pow!…yes yes yes!…pay back is a bitch…haha!

  • Ahmad

    YES and finaly the big shot knocked out the king of losers Triple H

  • Ahmad

    i mean the big show XD

  • Xayal Assadzade

    wrestling turns bullshit for sure

    • wwe fan forever

      don’t be silly wrestling is getting better if you think wrestling is bullshit i got 2 words for ya stop watching

  • JBLfan

    Haha soo funny

    JBL: hey, the security is supposed to stop him. Where’s the security?
    Michael Cole: Maybe you should go stop him.
    JBL: How shall I? I ain’t no security, I’m an commentater.


    Is there a live stream for IPad

  • Rob Bull

    steph mcmahon can’t say ‘orton’ haha