Watch WWE NXT 8/7/13
Watch WWE NXT 8/7/13 – August 7th 2013 – 08/07/13

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  • just saying

    seriously a dance off, I did watch it though and emma was funny

  • Albino

    i don´t like bo dallas

    • Glittergangster

      man fuck bo dallas

  • jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj


  • fuck off

    who the fuck bo dallas think he is he sucks more then 3mb i know nxt people just want to be nice and give the title to him big e should still be nxt champion

  • Tesseract

    am I the only one that doesn’t find bo dallas entertaining in fact I find extremely boring.

    • Albino

      i think that everyone hates bo dallas. when i was watching the fight i know exactly when he will reverse and win, boring

  • Rob Bull

    the good thing is that while bo dallas is NXT champion, he isn’t getting a shot in the real WWE (excuse me for saying that). the wyatt family lost their tag team titles, but are now in ‘real WWE’ and big e lost, and same result. it’ll be the same for the Divas too

  • Lerdy

    Bo Dallas sucks

  • Thatguy

    Man i would bang that emma! Also Bo Dallas sucks so much he can’t even wrestle and he has a shit finisher

  • johanpo

    thanks bro

  • SlamMasterJ

    is it just me or bo dallas just lift up his title up side down……………….

  • BlackMobileOps

    please cody screw damien and come whoop breezes @$$!!! Hes such a tool… please cody give him a lesson on style!

  • Tim Maxey

    im a BO-lever