Watch WWE NXT 4/11/13
Watch WWE NXT 4/11/13 – April 11th 2013 – 04/11/13

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  • Fidoriko

    FANTASTIC match Regal and Ohno wow!

    • Wilhelm Guntlof

      Being William Regal 1 of the ones who trained Chris Hero/Kassius Ohno on first place

      • Fidoriko

        You’re absolutely right and in my opinion that is what made this match so great.

  • Nicola Milan

    nxt was recorded long before wrestlemania, the tattoo of roman not finished yet

    • Wilhelm Guntlof

      indeed,NXT isnt ever a recent watch event..

  • chris walker

    where is 04/12/2013 smackdown cookie

  • Bradley Falla

    There is a large handful of talent in the developmental territory (WWE NXT.) I just hope WWE don’t misuse the talent they have by giving them horrendous story lines/gimmicks. If they utilize the potential talent we really are in for a treat on future WWE RAW, Main Event and Smackdown shows. William Regal is perfect in his role at NXT as a color commentator, and professional trainer. He trains superstars to a high standard and is partially responsible for the talent which will come out of the territory in future years.