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- The documentary will feature the following chapters:

A New Day


Backyard Fame

Taking to the Road

Launching Pad

Constantly Learning

Dark Cloud

Not the Prototype

Outcast Champion

Having Fun

A Challenge

Saving Society

Frustrated Beyond Belief

Hometown HIGH-Pressured Situation


- The DVD will feature the following Special Features:

HIGH School Sports

CM Punk – the Name

Skull Fracture

OVW vs. Albright

From Extra to Champion

December to Dismember

1st Impressions In-Ring Style

It’s Clobbering Time

The Hat

“The Most Insulting Thing You Could Say To Me”

A Conversation with Lars

Title in the Fridge

Natalie’s T-Shirt

“Teenage Anarchist”

Matches featured on the DVD:

Finals Match in the OVW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Brent Albright vs. CM Punk Ohio Valley Wrestling 1st March, 2006

CM Punk vs. Justin Credible ECW 1st August, 2006

ECW Championship Last Chance Match CM Punk vs. John Morrison ECW 4th September, 2007

Money in the Bank Ladder Match Chris Jericho vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. John Morrison vs. Carlito vs. CM Punk vs. MVP vs. Mr. Kennedy WrestleMania XXIV 30th March, 2008

World Tag Team Championship Match CM Punk & Kofi Kingston vs. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase RAW 27th October, 2008

No Disqualification Match for the Intercontinental Championship CM Punk vs. William Regal RAW 19th January, 2009

Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match for the World Heavyweight Championship Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk SummerSlam 23rd August, 2009

Rey Mysterio Joins the SES vs. CM Punk’s Hair Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk Over the Limit 23rd May, 2010

WWE Championship Match John Cena vs. CM Punk Money in the Bank 17th July, 2011

WWE Championship Match CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho WrestleMania XXVIII 1st April, 2012

WWE Championship Match CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan Over the Limit 20th May, 2012

- The Blu-ray will also have the following exclusive features:

No Plan B


Easter Greeting

Chicken Wings and Apple Pie

Most Recognizable Tattoo

Fish Tattoo

Traveling with Ace

No Microphone

ECW Arena Match

Hanging with Eddie Guerrero


Driving Away With the Title

Wrestling Camp

“They’re Gonna Hate Me”

Six People, One Room

I’m a Paul Heyman Guy

The Marathon


The Bus Tour

Kofi’s Challenge

WrestleMania Day

A Day at the Ball Field

True Respect

Finals Match in the Intercontinental Championship Tournament Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk Armageddon 14th December, 2008

Disc 1


Part 1 Extras

Disc 2


Part 1 Extras



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